What will happen if rain occurs again on Reserve Day of IPL 2023 Finale? Who will win the trophy – CSK or GT?

As per the weather forecast, rain is not expected on 29th May 2023 which ensures that the match is going to be held without any interruption. But as witnessed today, the biggest questions remains “What if rain occurs again on Reserve Day of IPL 2023 finale?”

The much awaited finale of IPL 2023 between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) & Gujarat Titans (GT) was scheduled to happen on 28th May 2023 at Narendra Modi Stadium. But due to uninterrupted rain, which continued for several hours, the IPL media advisory had to announce that the match had to be rescheduled for 29th May 2023, which is the Reserve Day for IPL 2023 Finale.

What happened on IPL 2023 Finale evening?

Earlier in the evening, it was expected that if the rain stopped by 9.35 p.m., a 20-over match could still be continued in the normal manner. In case the match gets delayed further and starts after 9.35 p.m., the match could still be played but with a lesser number of overs. As per the match umpires, at least one hour was required to prepare for the match after the rain stopped. So, had the rain stopped and the ground gotten ready to play before the cut-off time set at 12.06 am, a 5-5 overs match could have been played.

What will happen if rain occurs again on the Reserve Day IPL 2023 Finale?

If rains occurs again on the Reserve day of the IPL 2023 final match due to which the match has to be abandoned completely, then the team with the best performance in the league stage, would be declared the winner. In CSK vs GT final match scenario, since GT finished the league stage with top position, it will be declared the title holder.

As per the rule “In the event that it is not possible to start the Super Over as described in Paragraphs 8 & 9 or to then complete the Super Over without interruption, the team that finished highest in the league table after the 70 matches of the regular season, shall be declared the winner of the relevant playoff match or final.”

Did Closing Ceremony of IPL 2023 happen?

Before the rain started, the closing ceremony of IPL 2023 started at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, with amazing performance from renounced DJ Nucleya, who set the right tone for the audience. But further performances by rapper King, Jonita Gandhi and Divine were ruined as it started raining heavily.

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