Updated ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule: Venues, Format, Dates & Time for an Action-packed month

This month is about to witness the most exciting event of the cricketing world, that is, Cricket World Cup 2023, scheduled to be hosted in India this time. The tournament is highly expected to be an action-packed one, with ten top cricketing nations facing off each other to win the most coveted trophy of the cricketing world. This article will provide you with a detailed schedule for the Cricket World Cup 2023, including venues, format, dates & timings.

CWC 2023 Format: Round-Robin & Knock-out

This time in World Cup 2023, there will be no groups rather the matches would be played in a round-robin format, wherein each of the ten participating teams have to play against every other team once. This will ensure that all the participating teams get equal opportunity to qualify for semi-finals and therefore all matches are expected to be power packed. The top four teams will continue to the semi-finals, leading to the grand finale where the World Cup 2023 champion will be decided.

CWC 2023 Schedule

1ENG VS NZOCT 52 PMAhmedabadNZ won by 9 wickets
2PAK VS NEDOCT 62 PMHyderabadPAK won by 81 runs
3BAN VS AFG (D)OCT 710.30 AMDharamshalaBAN won by 6 wickets
4SA VS SLOCT 72 PMDelhiSA won by 102 runs
5IND VS AUSOCT 82 PMChennaiIND won by 6 wickets
6NZ VS NEDOCT 92 PMHyderabadNZ won by 99 runs
7ENG VS BAN (D)OCT 1010.30 AMDharamshalaENG won by 137 runs
8PAK VS SLOCT 102 PMHyderabadPAK won by 6 wickets
9IND VS AFGOCT 112 PMDelhiIND won by 8 wickets
10AUS VS SAOCT 122 PMLucknowSA won by 134 runs
11NZ VS BANOCT 132 PMChennaiNZ won by 8 wickets
12IND VS PAKOCT 142 PMAhmedabadIND won by 7 wickets
13ENG VS AFGOCT 152 PMDelhiAFG won by 69 runs
14AUS VS SLOCT 162 PMLucknowAUS won by 5 wkts
15SA VS NEDOCT 172 PMDharamshalaNED won by 38 runs
16NZ VS AFGOCT 182 PMChennaiNZ won by 149 runs
17IND VS BANOCT 192 PMPuneIND won by 7 wkts
18AUS VS PAKOCT 202 PMBengaluruAUS won by 62 runs
19NED VS SL (D)OCT 2110.30 AMLucknowSL won by 5 wkts
20ENG VS SAOCT 212 PMMumbaiSA won by 229 runs
21IND VS NZOCT 222 PMDharamshalaIND won by 4 wkts
22PAK VS AFGOCT 232 PMChennaiAFG won by 8 wkts
23SA VS BANOCT 242 PMMumbaiSA won by 149 runs
24AUS VS NEDOCT 252 PMDelhiAUS won by 309 runs
25ENG VS SLOCT 262 PMBengaluruSL won by 8 wkts
26PAK VS SAOCT 272 PMChennaiSA won by 1 wkt
27AUS VS NZ (D)OCT 2810.30 AMDharamshalaAUS won by 5 runs
28NED VS BANOCT 282 PMKolkataNED won by 87 runs
29IND VS ENGOCT 292 PMLucknowIND won by 100 runs
30AFG VS SLOCT 302 PMPuneAFG won by 7 wkts
31PAK VS BANOCT 312 PMKolkataPAK won by 7 wkts
32NZ VS SANOV 12 PMPuneSA won by 190 runs
33IND VS SLNOV 22 PMMumbaiIND won by 302 runs
34NED VS AFGNOV 32 PMLucknowAFG won by 7 wkts
35NZ VS PAK (D)NOV 410.30 AMBengaluruPAK won by 21 runs(DLS)
36ENG VS AUSNOV 42 PMAhmedabadAUS won by 33 runs
37IND VS SANOV 52 PMKolkataIND won by 243 runs
38BAN VS SLNOV 62 PMDelhiBAN won by 3 wkts
39AUS VS AFGNOV 72 PMMumbaiAUS won by 3 wkts
40ENG VS NEDNOV 82 PMPuneENG won by 160 runs
41NZ VS SLNOV 92 PMBengaluruNZ won by 5 wkts
42SA VS AFGNOV 102 PMAhmedabadSA won by 5 wkts
43AUS VS BAN (D)NOV 1110.30 AMPuneAUS won by 8 wkts
44ENG VS PAKNOV 112 PMKolkataENG won by 93 runs
45IND VS NEDNOV 122 PMBengaluruIND won by 160 runs
46Semifinal 1NOV 152 PMMumbaiIND won by 70 runs
47Semifinal 2NOV 162 PMKolkataAUS won by 3 wkts
48FinaleNOV 192 PMAhmedabadAUS won by 6 wkts


Cricket World Cup 2023 Mania Across India

All the matches will be held at the cricketing hubs which include:

  1. Mumbai- Wankhede Stadium
  2. Kolkata- Eden Gardens
  3. Chennai- MA Chidambaram Stadium
  4. Hyderabad- Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium
  5. Dharamshala- Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium
  6. Delhi- Arun Jaitley Stadium
  7. Ahmedabad- Narendra Modi Stadium
  8. Pune- Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium
  9. Bengaluru- M. Chinnaswamy Stadium
  10. Lucknow- Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium

CWC 2023: Key Matches & Venues

1. Opening Match (5th October):

The tournament kicks off with a thrilling encounter between England, the defending champion, & New Zealand at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This match has historically gained a massive global viewership and is a perfect game to set the tone for the entire tournament.

2. India vs. Pakistan (14th October):

The ultimate clash of giants in this match is set to take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. Both India and Pakistan have a rich cricketing history & their matches are predictably high-voltage ones.

3. England vs. South Africa (21st October):

The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will host yet another rivalry as England and South Africa face off. This game is sure shot to be a contest between two formidable sides.

4. Semi-Finals (15th & 16th November):

The top four sides from the round-robin stage will take on one another in the semi-finals and are expected to be high-intensity matches.

5. Grand Finale (19th November):

The tournament will culminate with the grand finale at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. It will be thrilling to see who is going to lift the most coveted trophy this time.

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