IPL 2023: 3 New Rules that will make or break match results!

The IPL 2023 festive season is on which is already making the fans go crazy. To make the tournament more exciting, a few new rules have been introduced to the IPL this season which are going to decide the fate of the teams fighting for the title.

Rule No. 1: Use of Impact Players

i) All teams need to announce their playing XI after the toss. Now onwards, each team will have to submit a list of five substitutes from which one player can be used as an ‘Impact player’.

ii) Impact players can be used by a team at any point of time in a match from the beginning of a new over. However, if the ‘Impact player’ is brought in during an over, he will not be eligible for bowling the remaining balls of that over.

iii) When a player is replaced by an Impact player, the replaced player will have to miss the ongoing match as he will no longer be allowed to play the remaining match.

iv) Moreover, only an Indian player can be used as an Impact player if the total number of overseas players in the playing XI is four. But in case the number of overseas players in a team is less than four, an overseas player can be also used as an Impact player.

v) If an Impact player gets injured during a match, a substitute fielder can be allowed to field in his place if umpires are convinced.

vi) The Impact player will be allowed to bowl his full quota of four overs even if the replaced player had already bowled any number of overs.

Rule No. 2: Team Announcement after Toss only

As per the new rule announced recently for IPL 2023, teams can announce their playing XI after the toss only. Till now, the playing XI names were revealed before the toss. This rule along with rule 1, will allow the captains to strategise two separate team options i.e. one in case they are batting first, and another in case they are bowling first.

Rule No. 3: Review for Wides & No-Balls

Till now, on-field umpire’s decisions regarding dismissal of a batsman are requested for review. From this season onwards, players will be allowed to request the on-field umpire’s to review decisions in respect of Wide & No balls too. This rule alone can alter the match results where a team gets an unfair advantage over the other.


When was the ‘Impact Player’ rule first introduced?

The Impact Player rule was first implemented in the 2022 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Is the ‘Impact Player’ rule mandatory to be used by the teams?


Can the ‘Impact Player’ be changed in each match or remain the same throughout the tournament?

‘Impact player’ will be selected in every match.

Is it compulsory to announce ‘Impact Player’ at the start of the match?


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